Parenting 101

Parenting 101

Challenges with your Child?

Parenting 101

You love your child. You would do anything to help them. Our goal is to help parents to better understand their children in order to relate to them better. In short, we want you to have a GREAT relationship with your child.

Every parent knows that there are many differences in their children. We can not “raise them” all the same way. What motivates one child may do just the opposite for the other. So, how do you know what approach to take? There are simple keys to understanding your child.

There is Hope!

There is HopeWe can help you to understand the basic motivational preferences of your child based on their individual personality style.  We use a simple, positive approach to determine what you child’s behavioral preferences are. Some people call this personality. Some people call this temperament. Let’s just say that we can help you to understand why your child acts the way that he or she does.

More importantly, we can help you to understand your child’s needs so that you can meet those needs.

It is powerful when you really connect with your child in a way that he or she relates to. Doors of communication open when you really relate.

Finally, an easy way to understand your child or teen!

We offer a simple personality assessment and custom report for your child. Developed by Robert A. Rohm, PhD over a period of 15 years, this customized “Discovery Report” is designed to be a very practical tool to help students (children and teens), parents and teachers to work better together by understanding each other.

“You may discover that simply changing the WAY that you say something will unlock a positive response from your son or daughter.”

We are proud to offer Discovery Reports for children, teens and adults. We are so sure that you will love this resource that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Children and teens discover:

    • Strengths
    • Communication styles
    • Motivational preferences
    • Areas to watch out for
    • Tips to learn and grow
    • Career ideas (teen version only)

Parents and teachers discover:

    • Strengths in their relationship
    • Built-in struggles in relating
    • Strategies on how to best connect with the child or teen
    • Suggestions on how to encourage a child or teen.
    • Insights into learning style preferences
    • Words of encouragement
    • and much more!

Other benefits include:

    • Insights into child discipline
    • Ideas to help with children’s learning
    • Ideas to make kids learning more fun and motivating
    • Words to describe the child’s temperament
    • Positive encouragement for any parent or teacher who is dealing with a child problem

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What is Different about our “Discovery Reports” for Children and Teens?

  • Written in a warm, friendly, easy-to-understand style
  • Divided into 3 sections – one for the student, one for the student’s parents and one for the student’s teachers
  • Positive approach , yet offers tactful suggestions on how to deal with possible “blind spots” and weaknesses
  • Developed by Robert A. Rohm, a world renown personality specialist and author with a doctorate in higher education and extensive experience as an educator, school principal and father.

This is one “personality test” that a child or teen can’t fail! Each student makes individual choices in an online assessment. The individual answers are then analyzed by our system, and an extensive custom report is generated and returned to you by email. The result of a better child-parent-teacher relationship is improvement in the children’s learning.


A great resource to gain insights into a child’s personality.

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The Teen Extended Discovery Report version is our “Get Real” version.

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