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Identify your values,strengths and goals
Move past yourblind spots
Learn how toManage stress
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Pain in Your Relationships?

Pain symptoms – ever have any of these?
    • You and your spouse aren’t getting along…and you don’t know what to do
    • You have a child that you don’t relate with…and you don’t know what to do
    • You don’t understand your boss…and you don’t know what to do
    • You don’t feel understood or appreciated…and you don’t know what to do

A certified human behaviorist consultant can help you.

Trusted By People

I just want to say thank you for your insight.

We are dedicated to making the distance not an issue. He has now met my whole family and we’ve spent a lot of time together despite the distance. Being a coach in AAA Hockey and also an OHL scout, his job brings him my way a lot. I also have been down to visit for a few days when off work. End of April we are heading south for a week to just enjoy. Again I have say thank you, as it was you, with your insight of the model of human behavior and relationships, who made me realize where my heart was!

Where My Heart Was!

Toronto, ON

Seeing some of the results from this program Randall has suggested to me has dispelled much of my anxiety. I’m losing weight, sleeping well, and have a better outlook on the future. I find it interesting that I had gone to 3 licensed psychiatrists in grief counseling and got nowhere with them. They had no concrete ideas on how to make things better, only wishy washy sympathy, which only seemed to keep me in my rut. Randall’s matter-of-fact help and ideas set me in motion to make a better life for my son and myself. I could not have met him at a better time. My son and I are doing quite well now and life is fun again.

Life is Fun Again

Brenda N. 39 yrs old
Michigan, USA

Businesses Are Empowered

by Personality Insights

by Kolbe

Coaching Can Benefit You

Experience winning in your business
Be determined to make your life what you want it to be! Change begins with you.

We will focus on unique areas of strength and opportunity to achieve success.
Ask this:

  • Where do we want to grow our business?
  • What are our goals, aspirations?
  • Who in our team is going to help us get there?
  • How can we grow and develop together most effectively?
  • Why are we waiting?
Powerful new ways to develop as leaders, maximize people’s strengths and improve performance.

Our Passion is to empower teams within organizations to improve the bottom line by sequentially generating

  • Successful Relationships in Minutes vs. Months
  • Conflict Prevention
  • Results Driven Teams
  • Communication Proficiency
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Effective Performance Management

Assessments & Indexes

Explore Yourself in More Detail

Shows your natural strengths and how to be your best.

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Also shows your motivational style and how to communicate better.

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Also shows how to relate with others, be more productive, and minimize conflict

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Kolbe A™ Index

A 36-question assessment designed to measure a persons instinctive talents.

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Kolbe B™ Index

A 24-question assessment that measures how a person views the demands of a specific job.

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Kolbe Y™ Index

Similar to the Kolbe A™ Index but designed for young people with a 4th to 11th grade reading level.

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