Why Kolbe?

Why Kolbe

Knowing YourselfKolbe Corp is a mission-driven company working to reach more people than ever.

“Our mission: To help people understand their own and each other’s instinctive strengths and use that understanding to improve their lives in the ways they care about most.”

Kolbe provides materials, insights, and experts, helping people of all ages identify their instinctive talents, develop their confidence, and use their natural abilities to succeed in a variety of situations, from parenting, to school and running a business.

The Kolbe A™ Index is the only validated assessment that measures a person’s conative strengths. Not just another personality test, Kolbe helps you to understand the talent you were born with and how to Be Your Best Self.

Kolbes Powerful Solutions

Kolbe Wisdom

Mental EnergyThe Kolbe Concept holds that creative instincts are the source of mental energy that drives people to take specific actions. This mental drive is separate and distinct from passive feeling and thoughts. Creative instincts are manifested in an innate pattern that determines an individual’s unique method of operation, or modus operandi (M.O.).

History and Expertise

Changing Peoples Lives

More than a million individuals have completed the Kolbe A Index on six continents. Touching people of all ages, ethnicity, racial and socio-economic background and geographical area, Kolbe is making a difference in peoples lives.

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